YouTube Bans Accounts That Spread False Information About Vaccines

By, Zoe Bowlus

YouTube is taking action to fight medical misinformation: the site will ban content that promotes false claims about vaccines.

YouTube had already created a policy for COVID-19 information, including claims that “contradict expert consensus” about the COVID-19 vaccines. This new vaccine misinformation policy, effective September 29th, applies to any “currently administered vaccines that are approved and confirmed to be safe and effective.”

YouTube creators are not allowed to make false statements about vaccine safety, efficacy, or ingredients. Such “harmful misinformation” will be removed, and violators of the policy may receive a warning or a strike or have their channel or account terminated.

As stated in a YouTube Creators video, “the safety of our creators, viewers, and partners is our highest priority … it’s important you understand our Community Guidelines and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep YouTube safe.”

Because of this policy, prominent channels that express anti-vaccine beliefs have been banned. According to an article from The Hill, the people behind three of these accounts have contributed to vaccine skepticism, which has affected the rates of vaccination in the United States.

  • To get yourself or your loved ones vaccinated, check out the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department (CUPHD) Vaccination Information page, which includes links to vaccine clinics at various locations in Champaign.

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  • Note: If the vaccine is for someone between the ages of 12 and 17, they must get the Pfizer vaccine only.