WEDNESDAY WISDOM: Enough is Enough

Have you ever took the time to measure what amount of enough was enough for you? I recently took some time to consider that my enough is enough. Enough of letting people walk all over me. Enough of forgiving people without receiving apologies. Enough of making excuses for other behaviors. Just enough!

Enough of the broken promises. Enough of the rumors and side conversations of people who should have my back. Enough crying myself to sleep. I have had enough of 'the enough' moments. There comes a point when one realizes that enough is enough. A person gets tired of riding on 'the enough' rollercoaster of life. I want to get off!!

I have reached the point of no return on 'the enough' meter. I have postponed the end of enough more times than I have taken time just for me. It’s time for me to end 'the enough' cycle. We miss so much when we don’t realize when enough is enough. Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion from dealing with enough situationships and events we didn’t buy tickets for.

This week, take time to measure when enough is enough for you. Take time to consider what you do and do not deserve. Think about the effort you put into enough situations and free yourself of the repeated cycle of 'enoughs'.