VIDEO: COINTELPRO Racially Oppressive FBI Tactics Resurfaced in 2017. Testimony from Memphis, TN

Updated: May 22

Tanya Parker, Unity in Action Magazine

Keedran Franklin, Head of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, shares his testimony on how the Memphis police used Cointelpro tactics In 2017 to surveillance his organization under Section 215 of the Patriot Act that authorized broad surveillance of American people. As of March 2020, it expired, however cases prior to March 2020 are allowed to continue. We must stay woke and informed about this history to make sure it does not resurface in our communities and to advocate for those identified as Black Extremist.

Tactics similar to the 1970's FBI Cointelpro Program, which was established to control the rise of Black Peace Activist like Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and Fred Hamilton, resurfaced as recent as 2015. Coinelpro used tactics such as the use of informants to infiltrate the business to spread lies; surveillance on suspect, family and friends; intimidation, forced confessions and more.

Uncovered files show that after the St. Louis Ferguson Riot resulting from the murder of Michael Brown, the FBI pushed to create a terrorist category called, Black Identity Extremist. Mr. Franklin speaks of his fearful personal story of how he and his organizers were under police surveillance in Memphis Tennessee. Franklin, was a community builder providing economic develop programs to improve the community. It was revealed that Memphis police, FBI, and all nearly 18,000 law enforcement all across America received surveillance reports labeling Black Peace Activist like Franklin as a Black Extremist.

Uncovered files show that Memphis Police used Cointelpro Tactics to oppress Black Activist as early as 2015. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minnesota) calls for the repeal of Section 215 of the Patriotic Act as a start. As of March 2020, it expired, however cases prior to March 2020 are allowed to continue.


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