The Forgotten Truth About Chicago Justice History

People affected by wrongful convictions associated with police torture in Chicago, IL

In 1972 until 1991 Jon Burge and his tortures affected hundreds of Black and Latino suspects in the city of Chicago. Systematic acts of police torture have come with years and decades of incarceration for most of the people affected, not to fail to mention post-traumatic stress disorder-PTSD and other mental disabilities. City officials and the court system literally allowed for men and women to be victimized by its police department, while the city denied for more than 43 years that anyone had been tortured by police officers. In May 2015, the city of Chicago as a collective agreed that Burge tortured criminal suspects.

According to the People’s Law Office through court filing, there are over 100 men and women that remain incarcerated as the result of Burge and 10 Zuley victims. In the cases of Burge its been the position of the cook county special prosecutor that each case must be handled case by case, leaving the victims to sit and suffer behind prison walls much longer, as its the position of prosecutors that many of the people claiming to be victims were never tortured. This is in total contrary to the City of Chicago who has admitted Burge and other officers tortured false confessions from people that were labeled as suspects by CPD.

The mental effects of keeping innocent people in prison are mindblowing. All victims released as the result of Burge and who served lengthy prison terms have PTSD and other mental disorders, causing the city of Chicago to grant those declared victims of torture a center to treat them for their irreversible injuries. Burge was charged with lying about the tortures but never charged for his tortures as was none of the officers that participated with him. Most have spoken out and describe being kidnapped by detectives and taken to police stations and severely beaten, electrocuted in their genitals and testicles with a homemade shock box, beat with telephone books, having plastic bags placed over their heads, having guns pointed to their heads.

What is clear, is that CPD has not changed its abusive behavior and continue to torture and mistreat additional men and women through denying them legal representation, assaults during protests, and violating the consent degree reached 2 years ago as the result of the LaQuan McDonald murder in which a black 16-year-old kid was shot by CPD 16 times without justification, in which the city has repeatedly been sued, however refusing to enforce change. Two other torture victims have been released from prison in the past 7 days.

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