The Change We Seek In Justice Reform: Support For The Children Of Incarcerated Parents

Artwork by Arkee, From the Inside

For every person that is locked-up, there are loved ones left behind. The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people according to a February 2020 report. Not only do we have high numbers in prison inmates, we have a larger jail population of people just waiting 1-3 years to even get a chance to go to court. After then, many cases get dropped or plead out, however the trauma felt by the children and families left behind remains.

In our community, we need to provide faster culturally-responsive method to support families and children with supportive counseling services. Family need support immediately not 3 years down the line when they finally go to court. Them you may not get any counseling or coping support. Families are left coping on their own, not realizing that their children are reacting to the effects of trauma.

Children's actions are often noticed at school and home where they are often identified as a problem child. In school, these children are often miss-categorized due to frequent fighting and arguing with students, not motivated, drug users, and anger issues.

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