SUNDAY SOUL: Pandemic Op-ed, Ripping At The Seams

Updated: 3 days ago

By Ebony White, Op Ed

During this pandemic, we have watched our lives change so rapidly. We have conformed to people that we may not even recognize anymore. For me, I have watched things change overnight. Issues that would normally not be issues, are now major life events. Violence is at an all-time high. Mental health issues have increased and now there are alarming numbers of people in need of treatment. Things for us are ripping at the seams.

After experiencing multiple miscarriages, you would think I could handle the issues. You would think that having your unborn child ripped from your womb would be at the top of the list of terrible life events. Then you look at all the friends and family members that you have lost over the last year. Four friends from high school, three from college, and two family members…all gone in less than 365 days. Things for us are ripping at the seams and we can’t seem to stop it.

What some viewed as opportunities to bring us closer, have made us separate even more. Only Zoom meetings and Facetime calls allow many of us to even see our loved ones. Even with the presence of vaccinations, some are still afraid to rejoin society face-to-face. So many uncertainties. So many unanswered questions about our safety. What do you do when your life is ripping at the seams?

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