We Must Come Together and Put Unity In Action

Updated: Mar 5

By Tanya Parker, Unity in Action Magazine

The 2020 Election has magnified the divide in America. No matter who wins the Presidential Election we must come together to create the real change that we seek. After the Election, is when the real work begins. We must start planning, to be a part of creating the solutions that will improve American families and communities. Community organizing is where it must begin.

1) Get involved in our local elections! Your local officials often affects you more than who is the President. For example, Judges. If you are Black, why not groom/recruit judges in your community to run your courts. We are the highest percentage of the people affected by the Justice System, so we have a right to be judged by a jury of our peers.

2) Target a problem, build a group, devise a plan, and have patience. Most cities have a 10-year plan. You need to know your cities plan, and see what changes or improvements your group needs to address. Our churches have a means to make this happened. But, Black churches think that they should not participate in politics, however large White churches do- in their own way.

3) Vote in all of the special elections. 4 elections every year, in some areas. For example, VOTE IN THE SPRING ELECTION!

When devising a plan, we must consider that there is always give-and-take when compromising. No matter what, we have to come together and be decent to one another as we put UNITY INTO ACTION!

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