New Fashion And Accessories Store Opening Friday In Marketplace Mall. Bradley Takes A Leap of Faith.

Updated: Jun 11

Grand Opening!! Friday, June 11, 12 pm.

Marketplace Mall in the Bergner's wing next to Aeropostale

Eyelash vending machine located near Footlocker.

Angelic Things is a women's boutique clothing store owned by Angel Bradley. After determination, hard work, and prayers Bradley grew her business from the trunk of her car, to 2 tables, to a kiosk, and now a new store inside of Marketplace Mall. As a former bus driver, Bradley took a leap of faith and gave her two weeks notice. "Now I am opening my own store," says Bradley.

“I wanted to make extra money, and I always wanted to work for myself. So, I started selling stuff on Facebook, making lip-gloss and meeting people to sell them clothes. After working full-time for one week with my business I realized that I could make more selling my products than I made at my job. My husband was very supportive and kept motivating me to keep growing. He told me to just trust in God and take a chance.

Then, I went to an event in the mall about starting a business, so I took what I learned and networked with other business owners in the mall, and prepared myself to open my own store in the Marketplace Mall.

I give all Glory to God, I prayed a lot. Without him, nothing would be possible.

What would you tell a child to motivate them?

“If you want to do something, DO IT. Go for anything that you want to do. I made the mistake of seeing other people doing things that I had thought of, and getting discouraged and would not do it. Please, don’t make that mistake, you do it too! Keep working at it and pray.” says, Bradley.

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