My Community Was Full Of Drug And Gang Predators In The 90s

The truth is my community was full of drug and gang predators in the 90's. As a young black girl, I can remember in the 90’s, being scared for my brother whenever he got a new pair of shoes, got his hair cut, or rode his bike across town to another neighborhood. I didn’t want him to get beat-up or shot like the many stories I had heard from black communities across America.

Back then, our community was full of what we called, ”Drug Pushers”. I can remember these drug gangs that recruited and often threatened young boys to sell drugs for them. You had to choose either sell drugs or be outcasted, beaten, or killed. Someone had to do something, it simply was not safe in the hood.

We have to face the fact that Black on Black Crime is caused by many factors including what has happened to us and what we have done to ourselves. We can not be afraid to deal with both sides of the issue to create lasting positive change in our community.

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