HV Neighborhood Transformation Is Working To End Violence And Improve Communities

HC Neighborhood Transformation (HVNT) is making a dynamic positive impact on the community. Maurice Hayes and William (KT) Brown have redefined the word "hood" as “high-hope” communities. Two former inmates that served nearly 50 years combined are now dedicating their time to fixing the communities that they were once part of destroying.

Hayes (Founder) and Brown (Co-Founder) established HV Transformations to provide services to high-hope, under-served communities through neighborhood building, motivational mentorship, community support, and the advancement of social consciousness.

They have planted and watered a seed that has grown to a massive movement of citizens working together to create positive change. They are doing the hard work it takes to improve black communities one block, one city, to one state at a time. If it takes talking to the boys involved in violence, holding a community BBQ or block party to get people together to talk about important issues, or holding a peaceful rally they are doing what it takes to transform the community.

In an interview with Hayes, he talked about the need to help people identify what community looks like. In the past, people would try to help each other. We need to bring that back. On July 3rd, HV Transformations kicked off their “40 Days of Peace & Nonviolence” initiative full of community wide events, education, and resources. There are many ways for people to get involved. To support, volunteer, or for more information visit: hvntransformation.life.

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