Huge Crisis: People in Line Waiting 3 hours to get food.

Updated: May 22

The other day I was driving and passed nearly 200 cars with people in line waiting for food at a local high school. Imagine every school and food bank experiencing those same numbers. Food insecurity is one of the biggest problems that American families are facing.

The vital source of you and your children's well-being.


- Imagine waiting in line for 3-4 hours in your day to get food.

- Imagine the anxiety you would feel knowing that you have a job interview in 1.5 hours and you are waiting in line to get food.

- Imagine the lost time, you caught the bus over to the school, which takes an additional 30 minutes= 20 hours per week looking for food.

- Imagine you are a teen in virtual classes, parent that works for $9.00 p/hr during the food distribution hours.

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