Education Department Moves to Reverse Rules on Campus Sexual Misconduct

Updated: May 22

The Department of Education began to reverse a Trump-era policy Tuesday, which was put in place by then-Secretary of Education, Betsey DeVos, that narrowed the definition of sexual harassment and perpetuated sexual misconduct on college campuses by preventing victims from speaking up.

The department's Office for Civil Rights issued a letter to students and educators with their plans of beginning the process for reversing the policy, stating that it aims to make certain that universities have "grievance procedures that provide for the fair, prompt, and equitable resolution of reports of sexual harassment and other sex discrimination, cognizant of the sensitive issues that are often involved."

This piece of legislation was what DeVos viewed as one of her biggest achievements during her time in office, maintaining her stance that it gave the accused more rights. This process has currently begun about a month after President Biden signed an executive order that instructed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to review the policy.

Rolling back this rule is most likely going to take years, as DeVos's rule was not finalized for three years after its proposal.

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