Daughter Of An Incarcerated Parent Shares Her Powerful Story Of Emotional Void In Powerful Speech

Updated: Mar 5

L’Oreal Allen, the daughter of an incarcerated parent shares her powerful story of emotional void in a powerful speech, as a participant in the "What Teens Say Project".

When a parent goes to jail the children left behind are the ones left hurt with a void in their heart and life. “The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and as a result, one of the largest populations of incarcerated parents, according to the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

This is why it is important for our community to continue to work to:

· End mass incarceration. Probation laws across the nation make it easy to get locked back up. Simple blanket violation requirements, such as a person is not to come into contact with law enforcement create easy opportunities for people to be sent back to jail. In addition, it creates opportunities for negative interactions with police.

· Stop and Think before committing a crime. Father’s and Mother’s THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN first, BEFORE YOU COMMIT A CRIME or risk violating your probation.

· Address poverty, discrimination, and systematic racism that often lead to incarceration.

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