• Zulema Herrera Herrera

D.C Firefighter Elon Wilson Released from Prison After Lies by Arresting Police Officer is Revealed

Updated: May 22

By Zulema Herrera

Black D.C firefighter, Elon Wilson, was pulled over in 2018 accused of having tinted windows and crossing a yellow line. Police Officer Johnathan Freitag proceeded to charge him for having possession of drugs and guns. However, due to the lack of evidence, the racial motives were clear. According to an article by Fox 5, Freitag admitted that the car never went over any line and did not attempt to test the windows. After 3 years, Wilson is finally free and was released at 7pm on April 22nd.

His story is amongst many other Black individuals who face unnecessary violence, scrutiny, and unjustified sentences—over a traffic stop.

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