Black Millionaires Club Lagena Saddler Speaks On Inspiring Others And Helping The Community

UAMag News: Tell us about the Black Millionaires Club.

Lagena Saddler: This is not just for people who are already successful, this is for anyone who is inspiring to become a Black Millionaire; we want to help them. We are going to be hosting seminars, conferences, and galas to educate and celebrate. At our workshops, we really want to walk with people and help them with their business. For example, if someone needs help writing their business plan, we want to sit down next to them and help them. At galas, we will honor community businesses that are successful and doing this that are helping the community. We will be watching business to see who our next winners will be.

UAMag News: What message do you want to send to inspire a young black girl?

Lagena Saddler: You just can’t give up. Whatever you put your mind to you have to do it. You have to pray. You have to speak it to existence. You have to speak those things over your life. Remove “I can’t” from your mouth. If you believe it and put in the work, it will be worth it.

"Although this is the first, it is definitely not the last." Lagena Saddler

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