2020 Clear Vision: Is This The Sign Of The Times?

We are living through some trying, yet exciting times; the ‘Sign o’ the Times,’ something Prince would say, and I’m not just bringing it up because Minneapolis has set the stage for revolution. The condition of the world mirrors the condition of the apocalypse, Armageddon, the “end of the world”; the current state of the world has been written. The Book must be fulfilled in the year of 2020, the year of clear vision, the first year following the 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were documented in the United States in 1619. The Book speaks of the fall of Babylon, a mighty, empire seeped with evil. The United States of America is an empire. Perhaps it is Babylon specifically. The ‘Sign O’ the Times’ mark that mighty fall and we are living through those exact times.

The Book gives signs and warnings of when evil will fall before the army of God, or an army of Love. Simply put: battle lines are being drawn. Again, battle lines are being drawn. The election of Trump has completely galvanized the racist, fascist movement that seeks to take America back to its ‘height’ of white supremacy, or what they call, “Making America Great Again.” One thing about white supremacy and whiteness is that it operates on contradictions.

In order for capitalism to thrive, whiteness must thrive because it keeps the poor whites, the ones that politically sit to the right – the alt-right in particular, separated from everyone else. The greatest lie ever told was the concept of whiteness. Because regardless of a white person’s socioeconomic status, they are white under a system that authorizes certain privileges based on that skin color. This is why they have allowed white, armed and militarized, protests during a pandemic for simple haircuts and other privileges rooted in individualism. They actually have to allow it in order for whiteness to thrive because whiteness is essentially white people sacrificing their life for capitalism. The true colorblindness is white folks not seeing the contradictions of whiteness.

However, the consciousness of the world is changing. The world is waking up to the harsh contradictions of capitalism. White people are waking up. Here in Champaign, our white allies have shown their dedication to fighting and ending racism. There are calls to defund and abolish the police with some cities implementing measures to ensure this. Regardless of how little it really is compared to the wealth of the rich and it’s authorized, militarized gang to protect their capital, we have to remember that revolution is continuous. And the Black Liberation Movement is the vanguard of this revolution against capitalism.

The struggle for Black liberation started as soon as our ancestors were enslaved and set foot in the Americas. The United States, however, is a special situation. The Black Liberation Movement, rooted in the Black Radical Tradition, in the United States has always been the vanguard of the revolution within the United States. The Black Agenda has always been the moral agenda of the United States. We have forced the moral compass of the United States to change throughout the 400 years, and not just for us but for every other marginalized group. This country was majority Black and white before 1965 after the Immigration Bill of 1965 which sought to dilute the power gained by Black Americans. We have pushed the moral compass for the world even when the world neglected us, falling to whiteness as well as perpetuating anti-blackness. We have reached a time where forcing the moral compass may simply not be enough. It is not time for respectability politics, it’s time for true organizing.

And with true organizing comes coalition building. Although the United States allowed different groups to migrate to dilute the political power gained by Black Americans, is this not the perfect time for coalition building with old and new identities? The new liberation movements that came up in the 60s and 70s follow behind the power gained by the Black Liberation Movement. The people are rising up, not just the Black Liberation Movement.

The final battle against capitalism is here and we can win, if we seize the moment. The Book speaks of being free after 400 years in Deuteronomy chapter 28. During the end of days, there will be years of tribulation and we are walking into those years of tribulation. The second day of 2020 scared the world into the idea of a possible third global war, and although it did not happen, the tensions between the United States and Iran and its allies are mounting. Climate change is going to hit the fan in 11 years and the Coronavirus continues to spread. White supremacy is using everything it has to stay in power, killing our people and our prophets. Bob Marley said in his song “Redemption Song,” that they kill our prophets to fulfill the book. However, the book also states that we will be free after 400 years so isn’t it Our time to fulfill the Book? Isn’t it Our time to take power and save humanity before the point of no return? We have roamed in a stolen land for 400 years and we are just now seeing the people rise up against evil, but evil seeks to hold power. Battle lines are being drawn. It is time to fulfill the Book.

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