How we work:

Social Service agency

We can support your community engagement and outreach efforts. 


We need you to share your expertise.  Join our

Community of Experts.

Community Member

We want to be there for you.  Share your voice, solutions, and stories on issues that affect you, your family and community. 


We make talking with us easy.  Just get in touch!


We provide

cause marketing and diversity training 

opportunities that show the community you care. 

We give a % of each advertisement to support community programs.


Ask how to participate or intern.

Our Collaborations:

- UCIMC-Books to Prisoners "Healing Inside and Out" Program works to address recidivism.

- Future Journalist of America Youth Program training our youth for tomorrow.

-MediArTech Youth Media Program

- The Odyssey Project at the University of Illinois at           Urbana-Champaign 

- STEM Illinois The Nobel Project 



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